It is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with alignment, beauty and aesthetics of teeth.

Disturbances or deformities in the jaw and teeth can affect the patient’s life. The jaw structure, which can not fully open and close, prevents healthy eating. The patient may suffer pain in the muscles of the jaw because of the irregular order of the teeth; Or, there may not be enough space for the teeth in the jaw structure and the teeth may overlap.

When Is Orthodontic Treatment Done?

Patients may have different mouth and teeth problems, but these problems do not always require orthodontics. The causes may change from person to person, orthodontic problems can be caused by:

  • Loss of baby teeth before time.
  • Crooked teeth
  • Asymmetry in the structure of the jaw
  • Causes such as finger sucking, lollipop use and lactation.
  • Incompatible upper and lower teeth in front of each other or for genetic reasons.

Detailed jaw modeling and radiography are examined in patients with such problems, and orthodontic treatment should be performed after determining the examination and starting the application.

Types Of Orthodontic Treatment

  • Braces
  • Transparent Dental Braces
  • Palatal expansion
  • Lingual Arch
  • Removable dental appliances


This is the most known and applied method. After the application of dental rings, a feeling of pressure can form in the structure of the jaw, but it passes after a few days.

Transparent Dental Braces

It is a very practical and easy method, especially for adults. Orthodontic treatment is provided with transparent devices instead of metal.

Many patients do not undergo a medical examination because they avoid treatments. However; Transparent Braces are an alternative to metal and the treatment is more aesthetic and short.

Of course, the dentist will decide the type of treatment to apply to the patient, but this method can be applied to patients who avoid treatment in metal.

Palatal Expansion

It can be applied to the upper and lower jaws, allowing the jaw to open and close properly expand it. The force exerted by the device helps to extend the bone.

Lingual Arch

After falling milk teeth, permanent teeth grow, however; the teeth next to them can slide into the void left by the falling tooth which prevents the permanent tooth from coming out. To avoid this, lingual arc treatment is used to protect the lost tooth space by preventing other teeth from sliding.

Removable Dental Appliances

These devices are used after the end of orthodontic treatment to protect the new place of the teeth.

Special Applications

It is an orthodontic method used to treat disrupted dental structures, usually caused by problems such as finger sucking, inadequate feeding and the use of lollipops. The treatment is personalized according to the needs of the person.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Last?

Orthodontic treatment varies according to the needs of each patient. The average duration of orthodontic treatment is 1.5 years.

What To Consider When Treating Orthodontics?

Orthodontic treatment begins at the age of 7 to 8 years. During treatment, the dentist should observe the appropriate periods of examination and the patient should avoid acidic, sugary and sticky foods. During orthodontic treatment, the patient’s morale must be good and the patient satisfied with the treatment.

Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatment

  • Have a healthy jaw structure; the patient is eating more comfortably.
  • The most beautiful structure of the mouth.
  • The design of the person’s smile becomes more aesthetic as it will have a correct jaw structure
  • Prevents loss of teeth
  • Refreshes self-confidence and makes him happier in his social life.

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