Implant Processes

A dental implant is a titanium tooth root that is placed in The Shape of a screw in the jaw bone in case of tooth deficiency. this is because the body accepts titanium and is tissue-friendly. Dental Implants Are the most commonly used type of dental implant in dentistry if you are asked what the implant is. Dental implants, dentures or other types of teeth that distinguish the biggest feature, or complete lack of teeth can be done in the case of. The implant tooth, which is mounted on the jawbone, is completed by adding porcelain teeth after a certain period of time.

Regarded as one of the largest developments in the world of Medicine are defined as closest to real teeth in terms of oral health and dental implants and neighboring teeth and the chewing teeth at the same time without requiring intervention is applied to perform the other functions of feeling, because it gives a closer more unrealistic is the preferred method.

How is the implant treated?

For implants applied to the jawbone, slots are opened in the appropriate position, diameter and length. It is very important to choose the right hospital and the right doctor for implant treatment, which requires a surgical procedure. It is very important that the environment is suitable for sterilization and hygiene conditions and that the materials used are of high quality. In order to avoid infection during or after the application, paying attention to the application methods and paying attention to the use of quality materials is one of the most important details in implant treatment.

How long does Implant dental treatment take?

It takes about 1 Week on average. The self-melting properties of the sutures used in the Implant operation may also offer the possibility to perform the treatment in a day. 1 day when the implant is made denture is not attached to the tooth.

implant dental treatment consists of two stages. The first stage is treated as the “treatment stage”, while the second stage is the stage of the implant boiling into the bone. This period lasts between 3-6 months on average. After the Implant is boiled in the jawbone, porcelain teeth are made on the implants. The procedure, performed by applying local anesthesia, takes between 10 and 15 minutes on average for a tooth. the most important feature that distinguishes implant tooth treatment from other teeth is that the patient does not experience any pain, which plays an important role in choosing this method of treatment today.

Since local anesthesia is applied to the patient when treatment begins, regional numbness can be felt, but this period is limited to 2-3 hours. Although there is not much pain, minor pain may occur after the effect of anesthesia is lost. The specialist gives the appropriate pain relief for this and these pains, which can last 1-2 days, are completely eliminated.

Is Implant treatment a difficult treatment?

Dental diseases, if treated early in the patient can regain his old health. As in the treatment of all diseases, implant treatment is one of the subjects that patients are most curious about “ " is implant dental treatment difficult?", "do I feel pain while performing implant treatment?", "would I have trouble after implant treatment?"such questions. Experts say that the patient will definitely not suffer any problems. This is a treatment that is performed by applying local anesthesia. Regional lethargy may also occur for a temporary period of time, experts say.

After the Implant treatment, mild pain may occur after the transfer of experts, they are given painkillers and antibiotic drugs to overcome the need to use underlines. It is observed that pain is less common in patients who regularly use the medications given by the doctor. The failure of the patient to fully perform the chewing function in the days after 1-2 days of treatment requires surgical operation. After this period, the patient is able to perform the functions of the teeth normally.

Do you need care after Implant treatment?

Implants are teeth that require care, just like normal teeth. In other words, it is necessary to take care of these teeth as you do with normal teeth. Dental checkups should still be done as routine as normal teeth, brushing, mouthwash and other routine work should continue in the same way. People who smoke, coffee, tea and drink more definitely need to care for their teeth as needed.

The Implant will be used for dental care brushes should be taken care to be soft. It is also important to note that the toothpaste used is also a specially designed paste for the implant, which will help keep the teeth healthy and maintain their durability for a long time.

Can anyone do Implant treatment?

Can anyone do Implant treatment?The implant can be applied to each patient after the general health condition, bone structure suitability is evaluated by panoramic X-ray method. In addition, people with diabetes, heart and blood pressure can apply implant therapy after receiving the doctor's approval.

If you have a dental implant to be applied to bone deficiency in the region, what happens?

Failure of the bone has to be applied in the region of the implant, what happens?The tooth must have enough bone for a dental implant to be done. However, some patients may not have enough bone. For these types of patients, ogmentation, bone graft application, bone powder application, ogmentation with box technique are performed for jaw surgery and bone volume is increased to the desired size.

Can implant be done after tooth extraction?

For certain reasons, patients do tooth extraction. This means, " can implant be done after tooth extraction?"the question is brought to mind. After the general examination, if the patient's bone structure is suitable for the implant, treatment can be applied. However, in such cases, bone dust is usually added after tooth extraction.

Dental Implant Prices

The implant treatment, which has become more preferred in recent years, may vary depending on the brand, quality of the material and the country in which it is manufactured. Implant dental prices are cheaper in Germany while they are more expensive in Switzerland. In Turkey, the prices of implant teeth may vary according to the hospital you will go to, depending on the brand you will use. In general, domestic Implant Prices are more affordable due to production costs and tax advantages, while imported implant prices are more expensive.

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