Bite Analysis

It is a technological method used to adjust the closing relations of the teeth with each other. The system ensures that the prostheses are finished safely and that the prostheses can be used for a longer time without breaking. In addition, it provides great benefit in adjusting the oral balance in teeth grinding patients. The pressure on the teeth can be measured on both sides in a computer environment and clearly. Early contact points and pressure forces across the mouth can be determined and data can be protected in a computer environment.


It is a digital method that allows you to see all dental stones, caries, old fillings and crown-bridge restorations during the dental examination. Also, before and after the treatment of the mouth, the difference can be seen instantly on the screen and its treatment is safer and faster.


It is a digital imaging system using low doses of X-rays. There is 90% less radiation.

In this system, a sensor placed inside the mouth is used instead of the film. Detailed results with high image quality can be achieved.

The dental x-ray can be seen on the computer screen approximately 3 seconds after filming. especially the benefits of implant, canal length calculations and canal treatment are huge. It provides to examine all the teeth, lower-upper jaw bones, sinuses, lower mandibular, nerve and jaw joints on the same screen. Bone density can be measured. this is very important for an accurate and detailed diagnosis and treatment.

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