Laser Assisted Dentistry

Laser is a device that emits a beam of coherent light through an optical amplification process (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation). Even this energy method that doesn't have any carcinogenic effects like ionized radiation is being used in medical since 1960's, the developements on laser technologies in the last 10 years has taken the applications into a very different level. With the technological developements provided in dental laser area, especially the new devices that are being used in the last 2 years has carried out very effective treatments.

We are using dental lasers in gingivas, treatments on tooth and jaw bones, shaping gingiva, gingival disinfection after the tartar cleaning, teeth whitening, decay removing, root canal disinfection in root canal treatments, tooth extraction, impacted tooth extraction, implant placing, disinfection of extraction area to place implant right after the extraction of an infectioned tooth, gingival surgery without using suture and smile designing. We can list the advantages of laser in these applications are: fast recovery on tissues, shorter recovery time if it's used with minimum energy and removes pain and inflammations, decreases the anesthesia need in decay cleaning (very helpful for the children afraid of injection), it increases the succes in root canal treatments by providing disinfection with bacteria removing structure, helps recovery by carrying out disinfection shortly after the infected teeth and root extraction and even in case of infection, an implant application is possible right after the extraction.

There are two mechanism that creates the advantages of laser. In minimum energy levels lasers helps the recovery by increasing the energy production of cells. In higher energy levels they remove the cells shortly by vaporizing them and makes the recovery faster because they never harm any neighbor cells. For example in a gingiva that is cut by a bistoury, damaged cells are lined on cutline and it is waited for body to recover these cells first but when it is cut by a laser an open area on tissue that vaporised by the laser and healthy cells next to it, so this makes recovery go faster.

In brief dental lasers are helpful to treatments by the specialities such as shortening the recovery time or working without anesthesia.

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