Bonding Application

Bonding applications are among the protective methods used in Aesthetic Dentistry. Bonding is applied by bonding Composite fillers to the tooth without causing damage to the tooth, without any etching on the tooth. When there are small gaps between the teeth, small disfigurements are found in the patient, additions are made on the teeth by using bonding material without cutting the teeth. The dentist reshapes the teeth in a way that suits one's smile, like a sculptor, and reshapes an estheic image. Bonding applications may be preferred for small, minor distortions in the teeth. In case of large problems, laminates and porcelain crowns may be preferred.


  • When reshaping the teeth, no cutting is done. This is considered the biggest advantage of bonding applications. December December, especially in people, side teeth without the need to cut the bonding application, this area can be closed in a short time, such as half an hour.
  • If the teeth are too short in the mouth, it causes people to look older. If the teeth are not visible in people's actions such as talking and laughing, bonding helps to lengthen their height and provide a more dynamic appearance. In this way, you can have beautiful teeth visually.
  • Teeth may be very yellow in the image of the person, and if the front teeth are bruised or broken again due to bonding application more white and can have a beautiful smile without distinguishing from other teeth.
  • Bonding applications may also make more sense if the patient is unable to think about relatively cost-effective treatments such as laminated porcelain or full aesthetic porcelain.
  • Then we can give the patient who is considering laminated porcelain veneer the chance to show what kind of image we will encounter by bonding application before.

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