Navigated Implant

Implant application with 3D navigation technology. A good dental prosthesis not only improves aesthetics but also the quality of life. Traditional prostheses often cause disease, create painful pressure points and reduce the sense of taste.

For 30 years, dental implants have been used to replace a single tooth and many missing teeth, or to secure dentures in their place.

Despite the improvements, the surgery required to do so involves numerous risks.As an example, implants are often placed where there is enough bone, rather than where they should be aesthetically. Support for modern technology is limited for implant application despite 3-D imaging technology in the lower jaw region. This leads to indeterminate drilling that is imprecise and not in the proper place, and this leads to slow and inadequate recovery. It also ensures that there is a dental prosthesis that does not fully fit.

Although positioning systems are developed in brain and orthopaedic surgeries, impant applications are not very common. It provides all the requirements for certainty , usability and security.

The navigation system allows the dentist to transfer his or her prosthetic and anatomical planning to the practice with precise reliability. Predictions and problems are recorded and analyzed, thus preventing them from appearing during surgery. Appropriate treatment ensures that a high quality standard is reached with a minimal surgical approach , in an appropriate and reliable way.

First of all, proper preparation of the implant socket and reduction of surgery complications will speed up the healing of the implant to the bone.

For these reasons, navigated implant technology is highly accepted among patients and provides valuable quality and documentation support.

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